SCREAM! is a Windows 95/98/NT application for Seismometer Configuration, REal time Acquisition and Monitoring. It can be used for the acquisition, decompressing, viewing, printing, recording, transmitting and replaying of GCF data from any Guralp Systems digital device.

The Main window is the control centre for the rest of the program functionality. If you close this window, you close the whole program. From this window, all other functions are invoked. This window is responsible for maintaining the list of instruments and streams that are received.

Any number of WaveView Windows can be opened to display these streams. Each WaveView window can display any number of streams, and each stream can be viewed in any number of WaveView windows. There are a number of intuitive ways to display the streams in a WaveView window, including drag-and-drop, double click, context menu, etc.

Each WaveView window maintains independent amplitude and time scaling, colour scheme, and display parameters. Thus a data stream can be viewed simultaneously at different zoom factors in different windows. Different groups of data streams can be viewed simultaneously, each group having the same zoom factor.

SCREAM! is more than a viewing tool.

The ViewInfo, Network Control, Status and Summary windows are diagnostic tools, which decode and display the incoming data information. Error checking is performed, and any invalid information highlighted, and logged to disk.

SCREAM! is more than a diagnostic tool.

With the click of a button, complete data recording to disk is enabled. With an extensive list of recording formats supported, the data can quickly and easily be transferred on to other systems for further analysis or processing. Data can be saved in GCF, SAC, miniSEED, SEGy, PEPP, SUDs, GSE and more formats.

Data from Guralp Systems SAM units can be read, replayed, viewed and transferred to file with a few mouse clicks.

Support for SCSI tape devices is also included for secondary backup or large volume archival.

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