Getting Started

Getting Started

Scream is a data-driven application, so the first task is to get data flowing. The simplest way to do this is to connect a Guralp Systems' digital instrument to one of the Com ports of the computer, and ‘open’ the port in Scream.

Using the ‘Com Ports’ section of the setup window, click on the Com Port that you have plugged the sensor into, and pick a baud rate from the list that pops up (usually 9600 or 19200). If in doubt, try the ‘Auto-Detect’ option.

Then click on ‘Apply’, and you should see streams start to fill the Main window (the one with ‘Scream’ as a caption’). If you don’t see anything after 5-10 seconds, try another baud rate, or Com port.

Once you see streams, click ‘OK’ to close the Setup window, and you are ready to start working with your data in the Main Window and WaveView windows.

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