Status Window

Status Window

To open a status window, right click the status stream (status streams are shown as having sps=0) in the Main window, and select View.

Any status blocks received for that stream will be displayed in this window. This information is dependent on individual devices, is most useful for diagnostic purposes, and will probably be hidden during normal operation. The information content often refers to GPS operation, device clock re-sync, SAM disk transfers, instrument triggers, re-boots, etc.

The text is arranged such that each received block is indented, with a header specifying the time when the block was transmitted. This window will store a history of 500 lines of text. If longer-term status is required, the status blocks should be recorded to disk and read using a text editor.

As a diagnostic aid, lines containing key words are highlighted (e.g. Re-boots and GPS re-syncs).

For more information regarding the type and format of the text, the appropriate manual for the originating device should be consulted.

A text find facility allows rapid searching of status windows for particular text. With the status window selected, Press CTRL-F to open the find dialog box.

Several status streams can be displayed in the same window, inside sub-windows with ‘tabs’. To add the display of status streams as a tab of an existing status window, drag the stream ID from the Main window into an existing status window.

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