Zhigang Peng

Associate Professor

School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Georgia Institute of Technology

Office: ES&T Building, Rm. 2256

Mailing address: 311 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA, 30332-0340

Phone: 404-894-0231; Fax: 404-894-5638

Email: zpeng@gatech.edu




Publications | Publication Status

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


GT Geophysics

Seismo Journals

Sound of the North Korea Nuclear Explosion and the Russian Meteor Impact

Research Interests

High Resolution Imaging of Fault Zone Structures

Temporal Changes of the Earth's Properties

Spatio-Temporal Seismicity Patterns

Earthquake Triggering

Non-Volcanic Tremor and Slow Earthquakes

Seismological Studies of the Earth's Interior

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