• Research in geophysics at Georgia Tech covers studies from the inner core of the earth through planetary sciences. Our research includes theoretical analyses, numerical modeling, observational studies, and laboratory experiments. The research addresses issues of fundamental understanding of the dynamics of the solid earth system, and associated hazards from earthquakes, volcanism, and tsunamis as well as cosmogenic geochronology, geomorphology and electro-magnetic interactions of planetary bodies. Geophysics research is inherently interdisciplinary and is conducted in collaboration with civil and environmental engineering, physics, geochemistry, geology, and microbiology.
  • In recent years, external funding for the pure and applied research being conducted within the geophysics group has been provided by the National Science Foundation Earth Science and Ocean Science Divisions, the U.S. Dept. of Energy, USGS, NOAA, the Ocean Drilling Program, the Petroleum Research Fund, and state agencies.
Graduate Student Prospective
  • Students are strongly encouraged to contact faculty members in their areas of potential interest. We invite inquiries and applications from highly-qualified students with genuine enthusiasm for Earth and planetary science research and with rigorous quantitative undergraduate training. Previous experience in the Earth sciences is encouraged, but not required. We particularly welcome inquiries from students with backgrounds in geology, geophysics, pure or applied physics, applied mathematics, and engineering.
Geophysics Faculty Other GT faculty with courtesy or other pertinent appointments to group
  • - ChloĆ© Arson: (Civil) Rock Mechanics (Failure and healing processes)
  • - Sheng Dai: (Civil) Geomaterials Characterization
  • - Hermann Fritz: (Civil) Sources and products associated with tsunami and surges
  • - Brian Gunter: (Aerospace) Satellite Geodesy
  • - Leland Timothy Long: (Emeritus) Regional seismology and tectonics, shallow applied geophysics, tomography
  • - Karim Sabra: (Mechanical) Elastic wave propagation, acoustics, signal processing, passive structural monitoring

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