EAS 3610/8803: Introduction to Geophysics

Fall 2020

Andrew Newman
ES&T 2254

Syllabus (PDF)


When: August 19 - December 03, 2020. Lecture: Wed. Fri. 9:30-10:45a

Where: ES&T L1118 (see Canvas. We will be likely be entirely remote)
Course Objectives: This course is an introduction to methods used to visualize and understand the history, shape, mechanical structure, and dynamics of the solid-earth system. We will discuss how geophysical tools, including seismology, gravity, magnetism, heat flow, geochronology, and geodesy, are used to understand the age, whole-earth and near-surface structure, and to quantify the kinematics and dynamics of plate tectonics.

  • Physics 2212: Introduction to Physics I
  • EAS 2600: Earth Processes and Products
Required Text:
  • Fowler, C.M.R., The Solid Earth: An Introduction to Global Geophysics, 2nd Edition, Cambridge University Press, 685 pp., 2005.

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