Dr. Jennifer Telling


Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Geological & Mining Engineering & Sciences
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI

email: jwtellin -at- mtu.edu

Current Research

Currently, my research focuses on examining sources of volcanic SO2 around the world.
Using satellite remote sensing and available ground based measurements, I am working on
improving our methods for integrating volcanic SO2 estimates into global climate models.
Postdoctoral Advisor - Simon Carn

Doctoral Research

My doctoral research focused on modeling the interaction between
atmospheric conditions and volcanic ash during explosive volcanic eruptions. I utilized
both computer based models and lab experiments to examine the effect of changing atmospheric
condiions on ash aggregation following a volcanic eruption. The experimental data collected
in this research has been published in JVGR and GRL. Microphysical relationships, based on
the results of this experimental work have been developed for use in large scale numerical
simulations. I am continuing this research in a case study at Kilauea in Hawaii.
Doctoral Advisor - Joe Dufek

Undergraduate Research

At Colgate University and the National Air and Space Museum,
my research focused on planetary geomorphology. Using HiRISE data, I surveyed aeolian
features on Mars. Combining the survey results with THEMIS data, I identified regions
of active or recent surface activity on Mars. The results of this work were presented
at the AGU Fall Meeting in 2007.