Professional homepage:
Grant Trapnell Farmer
Grant Farmer Geophysics at Georgia Tech

School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
311 Ferst Drive, Room 2118
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA, 30332-0340
Office Phone: 404-385-4407
Lab Phone: 404-385-2050
Email: grant.farmer(at)
Office: Ford ES&T Building, Room 2118
Lab: Ford ES&T Building, Room 2235
    Current Research:
  • Geodetic characterization of Santorini Caldera, Greece through network of continuous GPS stations and campaign measurements. (Research website) (Pics from field)
  • Geodetic characterization of Soccoro Magma Body, NM through campaign GPS measurements and InSAR. (GSS 07 Poster)
  • Analysis of improved relocations of microseismicity off of Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.
    More details found on my CV
  • B.S. in Earth and Atmospheric Science, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-2006
  • Candidate M.S. in Geophysics, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-2008

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