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Installation notes for MDX on 64-bit x86-64

These are the installation modifications to get MDX working on Suse Linux 10.0 on an x86-64bit machine.

For a description on how to use MDX go here.

Installation assumes:

  1. You have obtained a legal copy of MDX (version 173?) from JPL/CalTech. Contact softwarerelease for more information. Please, do not contact me for a copy of this software.
  2. You have installed both the gcc and g77 compilers, as well as gnu make.


  1. mv the installation file mdx_NTR_*.tar to the appropriate compilation/installation directory
    % mkdir /usr/local/MDX
    % mv mdx_NTR_*.tar /usr/local/MDX
    % cd /usr/local/MDX

  2. untar program package, and go to compilation directory
    % tar xvf mdx_NTR_*.tar
    % cd mdx_173_73 

  3. rename mdx.F to mdx.f. My compiler is not happy with a large cap .F extension.
    mv mdx.F mdx.f

  4. Edit mdx.f to remove all #ifdefIO64 options, since this didn't work for me. To do this open the file in your favorite editor and search out all occurrences of #ifdef. For each one remove the definitions as well as all lines of text between #else and #endif, inclusive. This forces the program to assume you have 64-bit architecture.

  5. Modify the makefile 'Makemdx_g77' for X11R6/lib64 and mdx.f (small caps), such that the new lines read:
    XLIB =  -L/sw/lib  -lXm -L/usr/X11R6/lib64 -lXt -lX11
    mdx.o : mdx.f
    	  $(FC) $(FFLAGS) -c mdx.f  

  6. now compile using make
    % make -f Makemdx_g77
    After a bout 10 seconds and a few warnings (graphx_mdx.c:????: warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size), I had a compiled version of mdx in my current directory.

  7. Link it to a directory in you path
    % cd /usr/local/bin
    % ln -s /usr/local/MDX/mdx_173_73/mdx
You should be up and running.

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