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Using MDX for visualization of SAR and InSAR data

For installation notes go here.


  • MDX is a versitile tool for imaging SAR data, and has many command-line options. Some help for these can be found at The ROIPAC Wiki.
  • Since the program is graphics-heavy, this is best done using the computer you are locally sitting at rather than bringing up images over the network. Actually, it appears that MDX is only running on a few machine because of some library incompatabilities and so you should try to log into PELE for the time being (I haven't tested them all yet).

  • For our benefit there is a perl script that makes some of this work easier.
  • The program reads a number of formats
    Recognizes: *.slc
  • For any file that you are imaging, an 'rsc' header files is also necessary.
  • Image a final interferogram
    The above should give you three different options for an image:
    1. A composite Interferogram
    2. Amplitude only
    3. Phase only
  • Feel free to try it out on a number of file types, and try the different viewing options.

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