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ROI_PAC processing for Modern Geodetic Methods (Page 6 of 6)

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Clean Up:

After the creation of this interferogram, and figures I have now used approximately 8 Gigabytes of space split between terremoto and tsunami, and should remove some recreatable and unnecessary files.
Actually, it is much easier to decide which files to keep and make a new directory to move these files into, and then subsequently remove the other files.
    On Terremoto
  1. Make a new directory to move over the files to:
    % mkdir ~/MGM/HectorMine/keep_990915-991020 
  2. Now copy over the following files (list taken from here):
    1. processing script
      % cd HectorMine/
      %  cp *proc ~/MGM/HectorMine/keep_990915-991020/
    2. log files from the int directory
      int*/log, int*/log1. These may not exist depending on how you ran
      % mkdir  ~/MGM/HectorMine/keep_990915-991020/int_990915_991020/
      % cd  int_990915_991020/
      % cp *log ~/MGM/HectorMine/keep_990915-991020/int_990915_991020/
      % cp  *log1 ~/MGM/HectorMine/keep_990915-991020/int_990915_991020/ 
    3. slc and resource files
      We will only save these if we are planning on doing any additional processing with this data, since these files are 1.5 - 1.7 Gb. For class, DO NOT save these.
      date1.slc.rsc, date2.slc.rsc
      % #cp  990915.slc* 991020.slc*  ~/MGM/HectorMine/keep_990915-991020/int_990915_991020/
    4. baseline file
      This is a wonderful file that give the predicted and SIMulated baseline differences between the two orbits. The file contains: time, horizontal, perpendicular, vertical, acceleration, and azimuthal differences.
      % cp 990915_991020_baseline.rsc  ~/MGM/HectorMine/keep_990915-991020/int_990915_991020/
    5. full resolution interferogram
      This file is about 300 Mb, but is the raw interferogram that is needed if you would like to make further corrections.,
      %cp ~/MGM/HectorMine/keep_990915-991020/int_990915_991020
    6. multi-look interferograms (w/ topo correction, [un]filtered, ODR&SIM, unwrapped, correlation) [n=2,4,8,16 ??... number of looks]
      [10 = correlation threshold... might be 15,20...]

      These files are ~19 Mb each (totaling ~115 Mb)
      % cp \
           filt_990915-991020-sim_ODR_4rlks_c10.unw \
           filt_990915-991020-sim_SIM_4rlks_c10.unw \
           990915-991020_4rlks.cor \
      # and the .rsc files
      % cp \
           filt_990915-991020-sim_ODR_4rlks_c10.unw.rsc \
           filt_990915-991020-sim_SIM_4rlks_c10.unw.rsc \
           990915-991020_4rlks.cor.rsc \
    7. geocoding/geocoded and baseline files
      [this program does the geocoding]
      ../GEO/geomap_nrlks.trans [needed for geocoding new data, but can be recreated]
      % cp  radar_4rlks.hgt \
           radar_ODR_4rlks.unw \
           990915-991020_4rlks_SIM.aff \
           ../GEO/geomap_4rlks.trans \
      #and the .rsc files
      % cp radar_4rlks.hgt.rsc \
           radar_ODR_4rlks.unw.rsc \
           ../GEO/geomap_4rlks.trans.rsc \
      And the geocoded files (14 Mb each) [raw inteferogram] [Orbit removed inteferogram] [Final inteferogram]
      geo_date1-date2.unw [unwrapped displacement inteferogram]
      Some of these files will not exist if you did not create additional images that are shown on the previous page.
      % cp \
           geo_990915-991020.unw \
      #and the .rsc files
      % cp \
           geo_990915-991020.unw.rsc \
    8. hdr orbit files
      hdr_data_points*.rsc [in case you need to use the header orbit information again]
      % cp hdr_data_points_990915.rsc hdr_data_points_991020.rsc \
    9. Flat inteferogram [This is the 4 look version of the Orbit corrected, but not topographic corrected inteferogram]
      % cp \
    10. GMT and image files
      We should save the gmt, grdfiles, png, and maybe .ps files from GMT images.
      *.gmt [script files: only 2-4 kb each ]
      *.grd [data grid that are used to create images: 7 Mb each ]
      *.ps [full resolution postscript images: ~20 Mb each ]
      *.png [low resolution png images for web/presentation: 0.2-0.5 Mb each ]
      % cp *.gmt *.grd *.ps *.png  \

  3. Check size of new directory
    Also, make sure that all wanted files have been copied over
    % du -sh  ~/MGM/HectorMine/keep_990915-991020/int_990915_991020/
     # mine comes out to ~ 680 M , and will differ from yours depending on mainly
     # which additional figures are created
    % cd ~/MGM/HectorMine/keep_990915-991020/int_990915_991020/
    % ls
     # look for .rsc versions of all .int, .unw, .hgt, .cor, .off, and .trans files
  4. Remove original directories
    After you are certain you have saved all of these data you should now safely be able to remove the original output directory.
    % cd ~/MGM/HectorMine/
    % \rm -r output # remove directory and all subsequent (recursive) files

    Removing Original Radar data:

      Because these directories (~/MGM/HectorMine/99*) are now over 2 Gb each, you shoud remove some of the largest files. You can always follow these instructions to recreate the raw data from zip files.

    • date.slc [ ~1.7 Gb ]
      date.raw [ ~0.35 Gb ]
      DAT_01.001 [ ~0.35 Gb ]
      % cd ~/MGM/HectorMine/990915/
      % rm  990915*.slc* # will remove all slc and slc.rsc files 
      % rm  990915.raw* # will remove all slc and slc.rsc files 
      % rm  DAT_01.001 # will remove raw SAR image from zip file 
      # and in the other directory
      % cd ../991020
      % rm  991020*.slc* # will remove all slc and slc.rsc files 
      % rm  991020.raw* # will remove all slc and slc.rsc files 
      % rm  DAT_01.001 # will remove raw SAR image from zip file 
    • Check the resultant directory sizes
      %  cd ../
      %  du -h 99* 
      # mine are ~2 Mb

    Cleaning DEM:

      You can keep all files here if you wish. The DEM directory is useful for all images you may want to make from similar tracks and frames.

    Check final size:

      % cd ~/MGM
      % du -hs HectorMine
      # mine is now about 1.1 Gb ..still large, but much more managable 


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