Joe Dufek, Mary Benage, Ozge Karakas, Josh Mendez, Taryn Black, Ryan Cahalan, Gabe Eggers, Julian McAdamsAmelia Winner, Wim Degruyter, Leah Courtland

Former PhD Students: Joe Estep, Jenn Telling, Cindy Young

Joe Dufek - Faculty, Georgia Tech

My research is primarily focused on the application of fluid dynamics to understand mass and energy transfer in geological processes, with particular emphasis on volcanic systems. One of my research's goals is to delineate how multiphase interactions contribute to the structure and composition of igneous systems, and the role of such interactions in determining the dynamics and deposit architecture of volcanic flows.
Josh Mendez - PhD Student, Georgia Tech

Josh is examining a number of charging mechanisms that occur in volcanic plumes and designing sensors for lab and field based measurements of electric fields. He is also conducting research on the thermal environment of magma chambers.

Josh is a recipient of a NSF graduate fellowship.

Josh's Website
Taryn Black - Masters Student, Georgia Tech

Taryn's work examines near plume entrainment and conduit processes that result in time-dependent eruptive flux variations.

Taryn is a recipient of a NSF graduate fellowship.
Ryan Cahalan - PhD Student, Georgia Tech

Ryan is working on understanding the processes leading up to explosive submarine eruptions as well as dispersal processes in submarine volcanic systems using experiments and models.

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Gabe Eggers -PhD Graduate Student, Georgia Tech

Gabe is working on understanding the production and detection of silicic magmas on Mars using a variety of remote sensing techniques and numerical modeling.
Julian McAdams, Laboratory Technician and Research Assitant, Georgia Tech

Julian manages many of the activities in our lab, helps design and build a number of the experiments, and conducts field studies.
Amelia Winner, PhD Student, Georgia Tech

Amelia is working to understand the mechanisms and rates of erosion in granular flows and pyroclastic density currents in particular using a combination of experiments and computational approaches.

benage Mary Benage - Postdoctoral Scholar, Georgia Tech

Mary is working to better understand the depostis and dynamics of pyroclastic density currents. She is currently specializing on the recent eruptive events of Tungurahua, Ecuador.

Mary was a recipient of a DOE graduate fellowship in computational science and an NSF graduate fellowship.

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Wim Degruyter - Postdoctoral Scholar, Georgia Tech

Wim works on a number of aspects of volcanic dynamics including eruptive plume ash dispersal, x-ray tomography and pumice textures, and conduit flow.

Wim is a recipient of a Swiss NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Wim's Website
Leah Courtland - Postdoctoral Scholar, Georgia Tech

Leah's work includes GPR studies, cinder cone formation, and large scale computational approaches. She is currently developing experimental techniques to investigate the role of ash microphysics on dispersal in volcanic plumes.

Leah is a recipient of a US NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship.

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Former Doctoral Students
karakas Ozge Karakas- Graduate Student, Georgia Tech

Ozge is working to better understand the coupled thermal, deformation, and degassing history of large caldera systems to better understand the evolution of 'super' volcanic eruptions.

Ozge is currently a postdoctoral fellow at ETH.

Ozge's Website
Jenn Telling - PhD 2013, Georgia Tech

Jenn has an interest in a number of multiphase  problems. She worked on aggregation processes in volcanic plumes during her time at Georgia Tech.

Jenn currently is a postdoctoral fellow at Michigan Tech.

Jenn's Website
Joe Estep -PhD 2014, Georgia Tech

Joe's research focuses on granular flow mechanics, simulations and experiments. He is particularly focusing on near-bed stresses and how they influence erosion and flow.

He is currently a geophysicist at Chevron.
Cindy Young- PhD 2014, Georgia Tech

Cindy is working on coupling remote sensing techniques, radiative transfer modeling, and dynamics modeling to understand ash dispersal following eruptive events.

She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Emory.