Spring 2021: Geophysics Seminar

Time: Friday 3:30 - 4:30 PM Eastern Time

Location: Bluejeans

Organizers: Gabriel Villasenor & Qiushi Zhai

Date Speaker, Affiliation, and Title Host
January 22 Dr. Ruijia Wang , University of New Mexico
Fluids, fractures, and faults: source studies of induced earthquakes in Alberta (Canada) and Raton Basin (United States)
Zhigang Peng
January 29 Dr. Kelly Thomson , Gallatin Community College
Anthropogenic modifications along the Upper Missouri river catchment detected by detrital zircons analyses
Gabriel VillaseƱor
February 5 Jiun-ting (Tim) Lin , University of Oregon
Early warning for great earthquakes from characterization of crustal deformation patterns with deep learning
Samer Naif
February 12 Dr. Hongrui Qiu , Rice University
Denoising surface waves extracted from ambient noise using three-station interferometry: Methodology and application to 1-D linear array
Qiushi Zhai
February 19 Dr. Sarah Jaye Oliva , University of British Columbia (Canada)
Insights into the local state of stress and strain partitioning in magma-rich and magma-poor early-stage rifting (East Africa Rift)
Derrick Murekezi
February 26 No Geophysics Seminar , EAS Prospective Student Day

March 5 Aaron Stubblefield , Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University)
Dynamics of ice-dammed and subglacial lakes
Joyce Sim
March 12 Megan Mueller , University of Washington
Resolving the Phases of Continental Collisions: Insights from the Closure of the Neotethys in Anatolia
Karl Lang
March 19 Rachel Glade , Los Alamos National Lab / University of Rochester
Arctic soil patterns analogous to fluid instabilities
Alex Robel
March 26 Dr. Kirstie Haynie , United States Geological Survey (USGS)
From the Mantle to the Cloud
Joyce Sim
April 2 Dr. Darcy Cordell , University of Alberta
Imaging silicic magma reservoirs with magnetotellurics: Case study from the Laguna del Maule Volcanic Field, central Chile
Samer Naif
April 9 Dr. Anja Rutishauser , The University of Texas at Austin
Discovery and characterization of hypersaline subglacial lakes beneath Devon Ice Cap
Winnie Chu
April 16 Dr. Alex Plourde , Geological Survey of Canada
Earthquake depths, focal mechanisms, and stress in the Lower St. Lawrence Seismic Zone
Lindsay Chuang
April 23 Dr. Men-Andrin Meier , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)
The Debate on Earthquake Rupture Predictability
Louisa Barama

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