Spring 2018: Georgia Tech Geophysics Group Seminar Series

Time and Location: Friday 4:00 - 5:00 pm, ES&T L1205 (unless otherwise noted)

Organizer: Elizabeth Spiers

Date Presentor, Affiliation, and Title
Feb 2 Angela Dapremont
"Hephaestus Fossae Cratered Cones, Mars: Igneous or Mud Volcanism?"
Feb 9 George McDonald
"Observational constraints on the sub-Neptune photoevaporation desert: Or getting lost in Markov-Chain Monte Carlo and Kolmogorov–Smirnov tests"
Feb 16 Louisa Barama/ *open slot*
“A search for characteristic seismic energy radiation patterns to identify possible fast-rupturing activity associated with tsunamigenic and other earthquakes around the Solomon Islands”
Feb 23 Miguel Neves
"Earthquake triggering in southeast Africa following the 2012 Indian Ocean earthquake"
Mar 2 *No Seminar due to GSS*

Mar 9 Sage Kemmerlin/Qiushi Zhai
"Ash aggregation and its significance for Snake River style eruptions" / "Upper Mantle Shear Velocity Structure beneath the Equatorial East Pacific Rise"
Mar 16 Chase Chivers/Elizabeth Spiers
"Lumps, bumps, and depressions: Europa's surface and shallow hydrology" / "Geophysical persepectives on habitability of ocean worlds"
Mar 30 Justin Lawrence
"RISE UP: robotic exploration beneath Antarctic ice shelves"
April 6 Kai Hu/Mingyu Ji
"Drainage Basin Reorganization in Qilian Shan, NE Tibet" / " Remote Triggering of Microseismicity in Antarctica"
April 13 Gabe Eggers/Alex Sessa
"High Silica Systems: Linking Forward Models to Geophysical Fields" / "Al-bearing Materials in Early Noachian Terrain: Compositionally distinct protolith, regional metasomatic processes, or something else entirely..."
April 20 *EAS Award Ceremony*

April 27 Chenyu Li/Ayanna Jones

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