Spring 2016: Georgia Tech Geophysics Group Seminar Series

Time and Location: Friday 4:00 - 5:00 pm, ES&T L1205 (unless otherwise noted)

Organizer : Gabriel Eggers

Date Presentor, Affiliation, and Title
Jan 15 Amy Williamson, Tiegan Hobbs
"Detection and Modeling of the Tsunami Generated by the 2013 Okhotsk Deep Focus Earthquake" & "Understanding Postseismic Deformation in Nicoya, Costa Rica"
Jan 22 "Snow" Day
No Seminar
Jan 29 Steve Vance, JPL
"DIY Thermodynamics: Developing Flexible Equations of State for Fluids and Using Them to Understand Planetary Interiors"
Feb 05 Slawa Kabanovic
"Stellar Wind Interaction with Exoplanet Atmospheres"
Feb 12 Jacob Buffo, Gabriel Eggers
"Not So Solid: the Multiphase Physics of Floating Ice" & "Felsic Rock on Mars"
Feb 19 John Hale
"Pluto-Charon Solar Wind Interaction Dynamics"
Feb 26 Chenyu Li
"Aftershock Sequences of the 2015 Mw7.5 Hindu Kush Intermediate-depth Earthquake"
Mar 04 Visiting Students Weekend
Geophysics and Planetary Science Showcase
Mar 11 Xin Cao
"The Season Variations of Uranus' Global Magnetosphere by Multifluid MHD Simulation"
Mar 18 Taryn Black, Julian McAdams
"The Effects of Pulsating Flow on Eruption Column Dynamics" & "Bomb Sags and Force Chains"
Mar 25 Spring Break
No Seminar
Apr 01 Zachary Meeks, Ryan Cahalan
"A Study of Ion Cyclotron Waves in Saturn's Equatorial Magnetosphere" & "162 Millileagues Under the Sea: the 2015 MESH Cruise and Related Ongoing Research"
Apr 08 Salah Faroughi
"Complex Fluids in Hydraulic Fracturing"
Apr 15 Amelia Winner, Heather Chilton
"Investigating Bed Erosion from Pyroclastic Density Currents" & "Ground-ice at Ceres: Content and Distribution from Landslides"
Apr 22 Alex Sessa, Hamid Karani
"Compositional Mapping of Felsic/Mafic Material within Noachian Impact Craters" & "Pore-scale vs. Average-scale Modeling of Thermal Convection in Porous Media"
Apr 29 George McDonald, Zefeng Li
"Examining Atmospheric Water Vapor Content overSites of Seasonal Flows on Mars" & "Detecting Weak Seismic Events with Dense Seismic Arrays and Beyond"

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