Spring 2015: Georgia Tech Geophysics Group Seminar Series

Time and Location: Friday 4:00 - 5:00 pm, ES&T L1205 (unless otherwise noted)

Organizer : Ryan Cahalan

Date Presentor, Affiliation, and Title
Jan 09 Dr. Leah Courtland
"Volcanoes and Beyond: Insights from Geophysics, Numerical Modeling, and Experiments"
Jan 16 Dr. Jim Head, Brown University
"The Tectonic and Volcanic Evolution of Venus"
Jan 23 Xiaofeng Meng
"Dynamic Triggering in the Geysers Following the 2014 Napa Earthquake" & "Earthquake Sequences Driven by Deep Creep near the Anza gap"
Jan 30 Josh Blackstock, USGS
"Source and flux of soil CO2 in hydrothermal environments and new methods in estimating CO2 conentrations (USGS/GT partnership)"
Feb 06 Dr. Andrew Newman
"The Continuum of Slip along the Subduction Megathrust: Observations and Understanding Gained from the Nicoya Seismic Cycle Observatory"
Feb 13 Amy Williamson, Alex Sessa
"Improved resolution of earthquake source through joint inversion and its application to near-field tsunami warning" and "Gravity/Modes of Heat Production and Removal from the Europan Interior"
Feb 20 Ryan Cahalan, Lucas Liuzzo
"Modeling Neptunian eruption dynamics and comparison with tank experiments" and "Modeling induction and plasma signatures at Callisto: constraints on a subsurface ocean"
Feb 27 Prospective Student Visit

Mar 06 Taryn Black, Jacob Buffo
"Effects of unsteady flow on eruption column stability in eplosive volcanic eruptions " and "Investigating Solar Dynamics using Faraday Rotation"
Mar 13 Dr. Steve McNutt, University of South Florida
"A Parametric Study of the January 2006 Eruptions of Augustine Volcano, Alaska, with Emphasis on Seismic, Acoustic and Lightning Data"
Mar 16-20 Spring Break

Mar 27 Chenyu Li, Heather Chilton
"Remote triggering of volcanic seismicity in the Piton de la Volcano" and "Enceladus limb profile analysis"
Apr 03 George McDonald, Gabe Eggers
"Investigating detection capabilities of future aerial and surface spectrometers on Titan" and "Maximum-likelihood inversion of parameterized models of topography on Venus"
Apr 10 Moritz Feyerabend
"Filamented tail structures at Titan: A hybrid simulation study"
Apr 17 Chastity Aiken,Salah Faroughi
"Sweet spot tremor triggered by intraslab earthquakes in the Nankai subduction zone" and "Dunamics of Particulate Media: Complex Fluids"
Apr 24 Yanqing Su, Hamid Karani
"Implications from volcanic sulfur degassing: Cerro Galan eruption (2.08 Ga)" and "Onset of Benard convection in porous media: A pore-scale study"
May 01 Graduation/Finals

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