Spring 2009: Georgia Tech Geophysics Group Seminar Series

Time and Location: Friday 11.00 am - 12:00 pm, ES & T, L1114

Organizer : Zhigang Peng

Date Presentor, Affiliation, and Title
Jan 09 Tao Jiang (Visiting Scholar, GT; Associate Professor, Jilin Univ., China)
Phased-Array Vibrator System
Jan 16 Karim Sabra (Assistant Professor, ME, GT)
Passive imaging and structural monitoring from ambient noise (3:30 pm, L1205 ES&T)
Jan 23 Hermann Fritz (Associate Professor, CEE, GT, Savannah campus)
Tsunami Generation by Earthquakes and Landslides (11:00 am, L1114 ES&T)

Coastal Hazards Research Driven by Recent Tropical Cyclone and Tsunami Disasters (3:30 pm, L1205 ES&T)

Jan 30 Carol Paty (Assistant Professor, EAS, GT)
"Short discussion on Mars related work"
Feb 06 Zhigang Peng and Josef Dufek (Assistant Professor, EAS, GT)
Updated research results
Feb 13 Leif Karlstrom (Visiting Graduate Student, UC Berkeley)
Feb 20 Free discussion
Feb 27 Current graduate student presentation for perspective student visit
Mar 06 Cancelled
Mar 13 Cancelled
Mar 20 Spring Break
No seminar
Mar 27 Kurt Frankel (Assitant Professor, EAS, GT)
Research update
Apr 03 Group lunch at Rocky Mountain
Apr 10 Aerospace Engineering seminar
Apr 17 Karim Sabra (Assistant Professor, ME, GT)
Using ambient seismic noise for passive imaging and monitoring
Apr 24 Lei Liu
Models of hydrothermal heat output from a convecting, crystallizing, replenished magma chamber beneath an oceanic spreading center

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