Fall 2008: Georgia Tech Geophysics Group Seminar Series

Date Presentor, Affiliation, and Title
August 22 Dr. Jeremy Zechar from Lamont/Columbia
"Earthquake predictability: State of the science"
August 29 Geophysics faculty research potpourri
10 minute descriptions of their current research from each faculty member
September 5 Dr. Frank Pazzaglia from Lehigh University
"Present-day rates of deformation across the Apennines"
September 12 Lujia Feng -- Geophysics Graduate Student (Newman)
"Strong Rupture and Postseismic Response of the 8 June, 2008 Dextral Strike-Slip Earthquake in Western Peloponnese, Greece"
September 19 Jeff Hoeft -- Geophysics Graduate Student (Frankel)
"Two Seismic Hazard Research Projects: Liquefaction Potential Hazard Mapping in Saint Louis, Missouri and Illinois -and- Geomorphic mapping of the southern Maacama fault based on LiDAR, Sonoma and Mendocino County, California
September 26 Chunquan Wu -- Geophysics Graduate Student (Peng)
"Systematic analysis of temporal changes in site response associated with strong ground motion in Japan"
October 3 Ming-Chu Chen -- Geophysics Graduate Student (Frankel) "Tectonic, climatic, and anthropogenic influences on ultra-high rate of bedrock
incision in the Ta-An River Gorge, western Taiwan
October 10 Dr. Zhigang Peng from Georgia Tech
"Identifying early aftershocks"
October 17 Christian Huber from the UC Berkeley
"Why are the most viscous magma the more homogeneous?"
October 24 Dr. Ken Hudnut from the USGS
"How well do we really know the southern San Andreas fault?"
October 31 Dr. Jian Lin from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)
"Ultra-slow ocean ridges: A cold end-member of global seafloor spreading"
November 7 TBA
November 14 Graduate Student Symposium (no Geophysics seminar)
November 21 TBA
November 28 Thanksgiving Break. No seminar
December 5 TBA
December 12 AGU Practice Presentations

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