• Mars InSIGHT mission:
    A mission to newly instrument Mars with new seismometers, heatflow sensors, and reflectors for geodetic imaging. Landing on Mars Nov 26!

  • Body Waves: P and S waves

    P and S waves are the two fundamental elastic waves that are generated during an earthquake. fit between Africa and South America (figure from Stein and Wysession, 2003).

  • Separation of Arrivals on Seismogram

    (figure from Stein and Wysession, 2003)

  • Seismic Wave Propagation through Earth

    (figure from Stein and Wysession, 2003).

  • Because different waves travel different paths and speeds, their arrivals change and direct waves become more spread out at greater distances (a.k.a. moveout).
    (figure from

  • Global Predicted Arrival Time Table

    Figure shows the predicted arrival of earthquake seismic phases at locations around the world.

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