Notes on GeoMapApp and Virtual Ocean:

Download the Virtual Ocean program at the top of the GeoMapApp page.
As long as you have Java installed on your machine, this program can be launched by clicking on it (should work on Windows, MacOSX, and UNIX/Linux).
    GeoMapApp (2-D visualization):
  • select any of the projections except the globe on the left
  • You can use this tool to create detailed 2D maps, and explore topographic profiles
    Virtual Ocean (3-D visualization):
  • Click on globe on left to go here.
  • Can add either already existing gridded surfaces, xyz data sets or new ones. Follow instructions on webpage.
  • To get a perspective view, use the right mouse button, grab a location and scroll. The earth should turn for you. (note that this doesn't appear to work with the trackpad on Macs!)

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