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From 01/09/2018

From 1/16/18
  • GeoMappApp a physiographic earth viewer

  • Seismicity surrounding the Juan de Fuca Plate identifies the Juan de Fuca Ridge, Mendacino Fracture Zone & Triple Junction, Explorer Ridge and sub-plate, and Cascadia Trench. [Mouseover] The Juan de Fuca collides into North America at 3-5 cm/yr buidling significant strain energy for release in future earthquakes.

  • Cocos Plate (Euler Rotation Visualized)

    From this image, the relative plate motions are obvious, and because the absolute pole of Cocos plate rotation is near, the transform faults and ocean ridges for clear small and great circles identifying the pole.

  • Euler Vectors

    Plate Kinematics Handout (from Stein and Wysession p. 290-296; password protected)
  • UNAVCO's Plate Motion Calculator

From 1/30/18

From 2/08/18

Modern tools for detecting surface shape and deformation

  • Satellite Laser Ranging
    • LAGEOS Missions (NASA)

    • More information on NASA's use of Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) to track the Lunar Reconnaissance ORbiter (LRO) can be found here.
  • VLBI at NASA
  • GNSS (Global Navigational Satellite Systems). The network consists of:
    • GPS with Precise position products created using software made available be either JPL, MIT, or elsewhere.
    • GLONASS (Russia)
    • BeiDou (China)
    • Galileo (ESA)
  • InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar)
    My pages describing InSAR processing using ROI_PAC.

    Satellites go up and down with some frequency. The next one of great US interest is the NiSAR mission joint with India! More information about US involvement with various programs is available at Western US InSAR Consortium page
  • LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)
    • Imaging during recent activity at Mount St. Helens in Sept and November 2004

      from USGS
    • Nat Geo. story (Warning autoplaying Video) about the use of Airborne LiDAR for stripping the forest using latest returns to image a previously invisible Mayan city hidden within the canopy.
  • Structure From Motion (SFM) Westoby et al. (2012) is an adaptation of more traditional static-projection photogrammetry that can tie together imagery from multiple look angles without precise prior knowledge of viewer position or angle. Uses the power of heavy imagery capabilities and not machine-learning.

From 4/10/18

  • While thermal cooling models suggest plate rate is highly dependent on the age of plates that are subducting, it is found that the percentage of plate edge that is converging is a much better indicator of rate. It may be beneficial to think of why?(from Stein and Wysession)

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