Syllabus: EAS-8001A: Geophysics Seminar: Modern Topics in Tectonophysics Fall, 2005

Instructor:Andrew Newman

Office: ES&T 2254

Hours: Monday's from 2-4 pm and Thursdays from 10-11:30am, and as needed.

When: Wednesdays, 2:05-3:35 pm (subject to change as needed)

Where: ESA&T 1229 (subject to change as needed)

Text: None Required

Course Website:

Course Outline and Objectives: This 1 credit hour course is planned to be relatively informal, and with topics varying from week to week. The point of this course is to introduce graduate students to the world of research, as this is the most important component of academic and scientific development toward a Master's or PhD degree.

This course will revolve around the presentation of ongoing research (by me, other faculty, graduate students, or visiting researchers), discussion of recent published papers, and current events (as related to geophysics), and exposure to computational and online tools/resources for scientific study (Matlab, GMT, Unix, Georgia Tech Library, etc..).

Grading: The course is only offered as Pass/Fail, and this determination will solely be determined by preparation and participation during class. If a reading is assigned, it is expected that all students will have the material read by the next meeting, for discussion.

Honor Code: The instructor and students in this class, as members of the Georgia Tech community, are bound by the Georgia Tech Academic Honor Code. I expect that students are forthright about their preparedness for class, meaning, that they should truthfully state whether the assigned material has been read, if they are asked. Since I do not plan to grade any writing, or other assignments, there should be no motivation for plagiarism, or other academic dishonesty.

The complete text of the Academic Honor Code may be found at

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