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Georgia Seismic Network
    We are in the process of establishing a modern seismic network within and around Georgia. Stations will primarily be vertical broadband instruments recorded at 20 samples per second (20 sps), and will be located primarily in high schools and museums.
  • - Georgia Seismic Network
      An interactive map of the Georgia Educational and other Seismic Stations in the region. Click on some stations to be taken to real-time recordings.
  • - Real-time waveforms:
  • - Past waveforms:

      Station: year: month: day: hour(UTC):
      Not all stations are available for all periods (earliest data are Feb 01, 2010).
Georgia Earthquake Activity Georgia Tech Earthquake Research External Resources [links will come up in a separate browser] People Newsletters:
  • - Issue 1: July 1, 2010: Introduction of GT personnel, Cool Wiggles: PKIKP, and recent seismic activity.

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